Immigration Issues

immigration deportation Mexican nationalMr. Grayson is always thinking about how a guilty or no-contest plea or verdict may affect his client’s immigration status in cases where they are not citizens of the United States.  He works closely with a group of attorneys who specialize in immigration law.

By way of example, Mr. Grayson recently represented a Mexican national over in the Compton courthouse, who had concerns about how a residential burglary conviction would affect his immigration status (in other words, he was going to get deported).  To settle the case, the prosecutor had offered state prison time, but this was certainly going to result in deportation.  As a result, Mr. Grayson convinced the prosecutor to change the charged crime and also negotiated a reduction of the  custody time so that the client ended up pleading to a time-served, low-grade misdemeanor.  The client was not deported.

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