Theft Crimes

Name Year Court Charge(s) Possible Sentence Case Results
H.R. 2013 CCB auto burglary + strike prior 8 years prison 2 years prison at half time
N.G. 2012 CCB Felony insurance fraud 5 years prison Misdemeanor insurance fraud, no jail
L.D. 2012 LAX 5 counts each--ID theft, forgery 10 years prison 1 year jail; 8 counts dismissed
E.A. 2011 Long Beach 2 counts insurance fraud 7 years prison Dismissed (995 motion)
D.L. 2011 CCB Home burglary 6 years prison Dismissed
M.C. 2011 CCB 4 counts receiving stolen property 16 years prison 2 years prison at half time
D. D. 2008 Torrance Robbery 5 years prison Dismissed; co-defendants went to prison
A. Y. 2010 Torrance Burglary; grand theft; cred card fraud 19 years prison Community service; burglary, 9 other counts dismissed
C.D. 2009 CCB Grand theft & 90 x perjury; welfare fraud 39 years prison; $150K owed Dismissed on day of trial; paid nothing
E. R. 2009 Torrance 3 x burglary; resist police 5 years prison Served a few months in prison
L. S. 2002 Bev. Hills 3 x burglary 4 years prison Dismissed at preliminary hearing
R. G. 2010 Torrance 11 x burglary; grand theft 10 years prison Pled to petty theft; community service
A. G. 2006 Compton Felony resid. burglary 6 years prison 10 days Cal Trans; time-served on misdemeanor
M. B. 2010 Compton Multiple counts auto theft; priors 7 years prison Dismissed at preliminary hearing
C. F. 2003 Airport 8 x grand theft 8 years prison 120 days work furlough
C. M. 2010 Torrance Petty theft 6 months jail Dismissed before trial
S. F. 2004 Inglewood 13 x forgery 11 years prison 364 days in jail
T. M. 2005 Compton Forgery 6 years prison Hung jury
P. H. 2003 Inglewood Grand theft; embezzlement 4 years Dismissed at preliminary hearing
A. H. 2009 CCB Grand theft; perjury & welfare fraud 17 years prison; owed $209K 1 day in jail; co-defendants went to prison; ordered to pay $40K
C. H. 2009 Airport Forgery; Section 8 housing fraud 4 years prison Dismissed at preliminary hearing
M. C. 2007 CCB Insurance fraud 8 years prison Community service
J. Z. 2005 Norwalk GTA; chop shop 6 years prison Dismissed on day of trial
S.O. 2005 Torrance Section 8 housing fraud 4 years prison Community service; pled to misd.


CCB Criminal Courts Building, downtown LA
Cal Trans work instead of jail through CA Dept of Trans
ADW Assault With Deadly Weapon
GTA Grand Theft Auto