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Whether you are a successful small business, fast-growing technology company, recently started a small business, or just thinking about starting a new business, you will need a business lawyer to help protect and grow your business.

Our law firm employs a team of professional business attorneys who are super lawyers when it comes to helping business clients navigate various legal and contract matters.

Our team of California and Washington, DC business lawyers can help with:

Starting a Business
Articles of Incorporation
Executive Compensation Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Employment Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Business Disputes
Commercial Litigation
Contract Disputes
Government Licensing
Government Contracts
Entertainment Law

Are you having:

  • Disputes with business partners (partnership agreements, ownership, powers and authorities)
  • Disputes with employees/ executives (e.g. non compete agreement, executive compensation agreements etc)
  • Disputes with competitors (e.g. non compete)
  • Dispute with the government (e.g. taxes, licensing, regulatory agencies)
  • Disputes with vendors

Are you having trouble understanding:

  • Whether you should sign a business agreement
  • Whether you have rights in invention
  • Your trade secrets
  • If you should Incorporate or start an LLC
  • Business issues related to
    • Launching a business
    • Growing a business
    • Closing your business

The assistance of an experienced business lawyer is often the least expensive and easiest solution to your problem.  Don’t let your problems mount. In all probability, your circumstances will worsen if not addressed now. Talk to a business attorney now.

Our lawyers are standing by and are happy to discuss matters and to explore the best legal solution for you.

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At The Law Offices of Tracy M. Grayson, our business lawyers are highly experienced in helping you to understand and negotiate business agreements and at resolving corporate disputes with business partners, clients and competitors.  Each of our business lawyers has an average of 20 years of experience in representing clients throughout he United States in Complex Agreements, Business Disputes, Technology Agreements, Corporate Matters (corporate structure), Intellectual Property (copyrights, trademarks, patents, inventions, trade secrets).  Our attorneys assist businesses of all sizes, including privately-held companies and individual entrepreneurs.  We represent companies at all stages of the business cycle, from start-ups to mature businesses. Our District of Columbia/California attorneys work hands-on in the process of your business transaction-working step by step with you. For clients just starting up, our lawyers guide them through the often confusing array of issues, including corporate structuring, financing options, tax planning, as well as establishing employment and compensation arrangements. not-for-profit entities, religious entities, real estate ventures, and high-technology and entertainment companies. Our business practice serves the needs of both U.S. and foreign clients, including U.S. companies doing business both domestically and overseas.  For established enterprises, our experience in everything from contracts and licenses, to mergers and acquisitions, to sales and purchases of business, to securities matters allows us to offer innovative and creative legal advice.

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